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About Us

We are a locally owned, independent fee, certified licensed, residential real estate appraisal firm specializing in single-family, condominium, cooperative, and two to four-unit income property located in Washington, DC.   We provide residential appraisal products for national mortgage companies and local lenders, as well as, home appraisals for sellers, buyers, and private practices.

Quality research and analysis is our top priority, we believe that a well-articulated narrative supported by reliable data is the foundation for credible appraisal results.  All assignments are performed by a highly qualified, certified licensed, residential real estate appraiser who lives in Washington, DC.

Appraisal Quality Control

When ordering an appraisal, accurate and reliable data is always a chief concern, and the task of complying with changing regulations introduces an additional level of complexity.   To help insure that our appraisals are in compliance with client-specific requirements, USPAP, UCDP, HVCC and other regulatory guidelines, each appraisal report receives an automated software audit/review and is subsequently hand-reviewed by an experienced certified licensed appraiser prior to delivery.

Appraisal Reporting Technology

We adhere to the highest quality USPAP standards and use the latest appraisal reporting software technology.   Our web-based appraisal management platform supports a wide range of compliance, ordering, fulfillment and customized reporting requirements.   We offer direct delivery via email, client website interface, and third-party portals.

Some Fun Facts

Here are a few DC market highlights for the most recently completed quarter (Q4 2023), enjoy.

Homes Sold
—down 8.72% from Q4 2022
Ave Months of Inventory
—up 65.76% from Q4 2022
Median Days on Market
—up 12.5% from Q4 2022
$ Median Sale Price
—down 3.71% from Q4 2022
Source: Bright MLS — single-family home sales, Washington, DC.
Stay Connected

Our twitter handle is @appraisaldesk.   When we release a new research report we notify the public with a tweet!   Periodically we'll tweet interesting market and neighborhood trends.